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Your 10 point guide to the AUPLEX Kamado

Your 10 point guide to the AUPLEX Kamado

1.Top Vent

The AUPLEX's cast iron top vent helps regulate airflow to control burn efficiency, duration, and temperature.

2.Ceramic Body

The body of the AUPLEX is fired from a refractory material revered for its amazing heat and moisture retention properties.  Coupled with the iconic oval shape, the AUPLEX will produce perfectly cooked food every time.

3. Temperature Gauge

The AUPLEX comes with its very own accurate and responsive temperature gauge.  If you love a bit of tech, we would recommend you treat yourself to a blue tooth digital thermometer from the shop.

4.Stainless Fittings

All of the fittings on the AUPLEX are high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

5. Hinge

The AUPLEX is fitted with a resistance hinge to assist with effortless opening and closing.

6.Air Seal

The AUPLEX's felt seal ensures an air-tight seal so you are in complete control of temperature.

7.Bamboo Side Tables

The L & XL models come with hard-wearing bamboo foldaway side tables.  The bamboo is laminated for extra stability and has natural antibacterial properties.

8.Bamboo Handle

Like the side table, the lid handle is made of hard-wearing bamboo to avoid heat transference.  The lid is also fitted with a stainless steel dampener.


Every AUPLEX comes with its own stand, included in the price.  In the larger sizes, this is an elegant polished stainless steel stand on wheels so you can move the AUPLEX around with ease.

10.Bottom Vent

The bottom vent controls how much air feeds the fire.  Once the desired temperature is achieved, in combination with the top vent, you will be in full control!