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How to Clean BBQ Cooking Utensils

Wash BBQ Utensils by Hand or in a Dishwasher

With your Barbecue utensils, as always, be sure to use caution when ever dealing with sharp knives.  You can pit these in the dishwasher, it really doesn't matter what settings you use.  Or you can wash them by hand.  I usually like to wash them by hand because I can get them extra clean.  I usually just use a wash rag with soapy water, clean them and then use a little bit of bleach water to sanitize them.

Use the Right Sponge on BBQ Utensils

Pretty much any sponge is safe to use, I don't like to use brillo pads as they can scratch even stainless steel surfaces.  When I'm done cleaning my utensils, I like to let them air dry and I always like to keep them separate from my other utensils. Just so I know where they are at.

Don't Cross Contaminate Grilling Utensils

Remember to clean your utensils after every use to avoid cross contamination from cutting raw meat.