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How do I adjust the kamado to reach a given temperature and then maintain it?

One important attribute of the Ceramic Kamado Grills is its ability to set and accurately maintain a desired temperature. The kamado has a two damper system that facilitates easy heat control. By adjusting both the top and bottom dampers, the heat inside the kamado can attain and hold temperatures ranging from under 200°F to over 750°F This range should accommodate any cooking needs — from low-temperature smoking to high-heat searing. The thermometer installed on the ceramic lid will provide accurate internal readings without opening the lid.

A dual function metal top is included with each kamado grills. The daisy wheel design contains openings that can be adjusted to allow more or less air to "fine tune" the desired cooking temperature. Opening the entire sliding metal top will achieve high temperatures more quickly.

Already installed on the base of each kamado is a stainless steel draft door, which now has a mesh panel for extra safety. (If you have an older kamado without the mesh, you have the option of purchasing a replacement draft door with the mesh.) It is best to keep the mesh panel fully closed to prevent hot ash or coals from popping out. As with the dual function metal top, you can adjust the draft door opening slightly to "fine tune" the cooking temperature or open the solid door fully to reach higher temperatures faster.