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Portable Trunk 13 Inch Mini Weber Grill 23.5 Inches Red Big Egg Ceramic Grills 23.5 Inches Orange Big Egg Charcoal Grills 18 Inches Black Egg Grills 18 Inches Hot Red Charcoal Ceramic Grills 23.5 Inches Outdoor Ceramic BBQ Grills 21 Inch Green Ceramic BBQ Grill Outdoor 18 Inches Ceramic Barbecue Grills Outdoor BBQ Grills Auplex 21Inch Big Black Egg China Ceramic Kamado Grill
Are the ceramics kamado grills faster or slower to cook with?

Both! Once the charcoal is glowing and the lid down the heat really cranks up fast, and because you are cooking in a dome you cook all sides at once so cooking is quicker and more efficient, you only need to turn food once. On the other hand with a small amount of charcoal and plenty of time you get the unit to cook ultra slowly at very low temps which is great for slow roasts and smoking.