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How to clean your AUPLEX Ceramic grills Kamado?

Things you will need:

Ash pan
Ash tool
Wire brush


Basic Cleanup

1.Leave the heat in your Auplex ceramic grills active for a few minutes after you finish cooking. It should burn off any residue on the cooking surface.

2.Use a spatula to scrape off any remaining residue if necessary.

3.Wipe down the exterior of the grill using a damp cloth.

Ash Cleanup

4.When the kamado is cool, attach the ash pan at the bottom of the Auplex bbq grills, at the kamado's vent door. Because the kamado doesn't accumulate a lot of ash in the bottom, you may not need to do this every time you use it.

5.Use an ash tool to scrape the ash from the inside of the kamado, moving slowly and deliberately until you have brushed all the ash into the pan.

6.Dispose of the ash

Mold Cleanup

7.If you notice a buildup of mold in your ceramic grills, light it and set the temperature for about 450 degrees F.

8.Let the auplex grills cook for about 30 minutes.

9.Close the vents to stop the fire.

10.When it has cooled, use a wire brush to clean away any remaining mold residue.

Tips & Warnings

Use natural lump charcoal; it creates less ash than briquettes.

Do not use cleaning solutions to clean the inside of your Auplex kamado because its porous interior will absorb them. Use plain water if you need to wet the interior.